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Tips on designing a nursery

Choosing how to decorate your baby’s nursery can be quite a difficult task with the plethora of furniture, decor and ideas available.The place to start is budget. Work out how much you can or want to spend in total and then break it down for decor, furniture and equipment. Also take into account at what point your baby is going to sleep in the nursery as opposed to by your bed, as this may dictate some of the items that you will or won't need. Next measure the room you are going to use and draw a plan of what is going to go where.Some nursery equipment can take up a huge amount of space and you don't want to...

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Primary Colours in a Nursery

Lots of people fear using bright and bold primary colours in a nursery environment as children are so receptive to colour there is a risk of overstimulation, not a risk many are willing to take with their young for fear of a lack of sleep. Surely, they can’t be that bad, right? When used just right, primary colours can be such a creative and celebratory way to welcome your new little bundle of life! Colours can affect adults both mentally and physically so we can only imagine the impact these have on our children. The right shade of blue can be perfect for a nursery as it is considered extremely soothing. Strong blues can help stimulate a clear mind whilst...

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Essentials for Every Nursery

Honestly, no sort of planning can emotionally prepare you for the arrival of your baby. One minute your primary responsibility is yourself and in what seems to be a split second, you are suddenly responsible for a whole other human being and one that can't do anything for themselves to begin with. However, one thing that can help with the overwhelming emotional change can be getting practically prepared. Whether your child sleeps in your room for 6 weeks, months or years, you're going to need a bedroom for them or what's called a nursery. It can be overwhelming when you Google something like "what to put in my child's nursery" and get a list 100 long that you're going to...

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