Essentials for Every Nursery

Essentials for your nursery

Honestly, no sort of planning can emotionally prepare you for the arrival of your baby. One minute your primary responsibility is yourself and in what seems to be a split second, you are suddenly responsible for a whole other human being and one that can't do anything for themselves to begin with. However, one thing that can help with the overwhelming emotional change can be getting practically prepared.

Whether your child sleeps in your room for 6 weeks, months or years, you're going to need a bedroom for them or what's called a nursery. It can be overwhelming when you Google something like "what to put in my child's nursery" and get a list 100 long that you're going to need a second mortgage for.

Well, here's a break down for you. This is our recommendations for what you NEED in a nursery;

Crib - most people will start with a Moses basket by the side of their bed but before you know it they'll be too big and moving. Get an adjustable one so that it lasts until they need a toddler bed.

Changing Table - highly recommended as it's great for storing all the baby bits such as nappies, cotton wool, muslins, cream etc.

Comfy Chair - this will be essential during those late night feeds... Especially if you happen to doze off.

Room Thermometer - babies have a huge problem regulating their own temperature, so having a gauge for the room really helps.

Night Light - again, very useful during night feeds as it will mean that you don't need the main light on. A dim red light is recommended.

Baby monitor - As you are now I'm another room to your child, you'll need a baby monitor on to ensure you don't miss when they wake.

As long as you have these, plus clothes for the baby, then honestly the rest is surplus so don't be frightened by giant long lists! Oh, but don't forget to add a blanket for yourself during those what seem like never ending night time antics!