Primary Colours in a Nursery

Colours for your nursery

Lots of people fear using bright and bold primary colours in a nursery environment as children are so receptive to colour there is a risk of overstimulation, not a risk many are willing to take with their young for fear of a lack of sleep. Surely, they can’t be that bad, right?

When used just right, primary colours can be such a creative and celebratory way to welcome your new little bundle of life!

Colours can affect adults both mentally and physically so we can only imagine the impact these have on our children. The right shade of blue can be perfect for a nursery as it is considered extremely soothing. Strong blues can help stimulate a clear mind whilst softer blues can aid concentration and serenity. 

Primary colours on their own can be incredibly bold and saturating when overused and are best paired with crisp white or other neutral colours to reduce their impact. By the age of approximately 18 months most children can differentiate between different colours, so decorating with bright pops of colour can help with this cognitive and creative development.

As babies become young tots and toddlers you can come to think of the nursery as a learning tool for your children. Red means danger, yellow for the sun, blue for the sea! How would you use colour to teach your little one?

If you are nervous about using such bold colours why not start small? A bright lamp, rug or other accessory could begin yours and your child's adventure into primary colour in the nursery.