Tips on designing a nursery

Nursery decoration

Choosing how to decorate your baby’s nursery can be quite a difficult task with the plethora of furniture, decor and ideas available.The place to start is budget. Work out how much you can or want to spend in total and then break it down for decor, furniture and equipment. Also take into account at what point your baby is going to sleep in the nursery as opposed to by your bed, as this may dictate some of the items that you will or won't need.

Next measure the room you are going to use and draw a plan of what is going to go where.Some nursery equipment can take up a huge amount of space and you don't want to go to  the expense of buying an expensive cot bed only to find it wont fit! Next decide on a theme or colour that you'd like.

If you know the sex of your baby then that can help you decide but there are many themes and colours or colour combinations that work well for a boy or girl. Make a mood board or a scrap book and cut ideas out of magazines or print pages from your internet browsings. You can check out some of these boards for inspiration.

Deciding on a brand  for important items like cots and mattresses, flooring, lighting and technology can be daunting so try to find independent reviews on the items you like and ask friends or your midwife even, for suggestions and recommendations. Also make sure the items you choose have been safety tested and come with  British or European safety standard certification, as most mainstream brands do.

If it all becomes a bit daunting don’t forget it can be a work  in progress, once the walls are decorated and the flooring is down you have time to add pieces as you find them and can afford them, not everything will be needed straight away. If you start planning and gathering during your pregnancy that’s great but equally if baby is going to be in your room for 6 months you have time after the arrival to put the finishing touches.

Whatever you decide, take a breath, plan and enjoy!