About us

Studio Natal

Studio Natal sells original artwork, made by professional artists in Stockholm, Sweden. Our illustrations are made by hand and when customised they are digitally transformed based on the order details.

Our birth art prints are customised to your child's length at birth and printed as a poster in 1:1 scale (actual size). It is the perfect gift for yourself or for parents at a naming ceremony.

Studio Natal is an international shop and a registered trademark owned by Swedish company The Product Passion Company AB. Our shop operates from the Old Town in Stockholm.

We offer free shipping worldwide. If you have any questions or special requirements, we are happy to help. Please contact us.

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About the artists

Studio Natal’s artwork is created by established Scandinavian designers and artist. See below for more information about the artists who made the art on your print.

Mikaela Nordlund

Mikaela Nordlund

Mikaela Nordlund is a freelance illustrator and painter working in Skåne, Sweden, at Mikas ateljé founded in 2010. Her dream as a child was to become a struggling painter in Paris, so she went to art school and got her diploma. This is where she found out that her passion is to create from stories, either told by others or herself, therefore she tried a course in illustration att Berghs SoC. The complexity of telling a story with pictures without losing the artistic feeling appealed to her. Although she masters all the digital aids she strives for a handmade look in her work. You can find some of her other work here.

Edholm Ullenius

Edholm Ullenius

Edholm Ullenius is a Stockholm based studio of graphic design & illustration, operating worldwide. The firm was founded by Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius in 2002. Edholm Ullenius approach every commission as a team and consider the result as pure communication with lust and surprise. No project nor client is ”typical” of Edholm Ullenius. But the design is. During the years their work has appeared with a range of clients, from Ikea to Paul Smith. View more work of Edholm Ullenius here.

Pelle Mattsson

Pelle Mattsson - Pellerino

Pelle Mattsson is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Stockholm. He has been working under his own name since 2011 and before that at a communications/design agency as a graphic designer. Pelle has been drawing and painting all his life except when he forgot all about it during a short distracted period in his early twenties. When he grew up he dreamt about being a cartoonist or working as an animator for Walt Disney. Pelle later studied graphic design at Forsbergs Skola in Stockholm and during this period he rediscovered his love for illustrations. He really likes doing graphic design work but it’s the illustration part that he loves. Customers that he has worked with so far include, Tele 2, Johan & Nyström and MasterCard. You can find Pelle's other work here.